Andra Faye & Scott Ballantine are highly sought after music teachers. Both have many years of experience in group settings (Augusta Blues and Swing weeks in Elkins WV, Guitar Intensives Camp in Bar Harbor, MA and Andra at Centrum in Port Townshend, WA) as well as individual  lessons.


Andra does vocal coaching and instrument lessons for bass, guitar, mandolin, violin and ukelele.  She is excellent at getting folks singing & playing at the same time! She is a great motivator & will help you have better pitch, as well as more confidance & command of your instrument.


Scott teaches acoustic & electric guitar and banjo, and is well versed in theory and improvisation skills. He will take you to the next level of playing quickly & efficiently.  He teaches all styles but specializes in fingerstyles and single note improvisation.


Andra and Scott also give Skype and Facetime private lessons.


Fees are $35 per half hour & $60 per hour.

Contact Andra: andrafaye@gmail.com

Contact Scott: sballantine4@gmail.com